Cavallino SRL


As a result of four generations of family business  in this field, it was born in 2003. It is one of the oldest companies still trading in commercial citrus in Sicily.

Over the years it has indeed succeeded, at the same time as big distribution centers opened,  in being part of the  new born process of marketing, and it has achieved a significant role in this branch.

It employs 180 people. Today it is one of the biggest companies in the national and international citrus market field where it is prestigiously renowned for the incomparable quality of its products marked by the  “CAVALLINO” trademark. It ensures supplies to national and international supermarket and hypermarket chains with the best Sicilian oranges thanks to its timely distribution service for prompt deliveries in the market.


The Cavallino Srl organizational chart has grown in recent years. It has always been directly run by the founding partners’ heirs and children, yet new technical resources have been added to the working team, both inside of the processing plant and in the countryside.

The sales office manager is Carmelo Giuliano, while Pascal Giuliano, supported by highly skilled staff, works with the production companies in order to achieve high quality and safe origin products.

As regards the company legal and business consulting stand out the capable and industrious skills of Sebastiano Sesto.

Cavallino Srl works in a plant which is equipped with the most updated and modern machineries for citrus processing up to the hygienic and safety standards set by the law. However it values the importance and necessity of  human relationships which have always played a central role in citrus marketing.

Cavallino srl is fully certified for quality, hygiene and traceability of its products.